Liite 1 - Pilgrim Society

Liite 1: Pilgrim Society


1900-luvun alkupuoli.


Englantilaiset & amerikkalaiset Illuminaatti-jäsenet.


Nicholas Murray Butler oli Pilgrim Societyn presidentti vuosina 1928-1946.


Ulkomaansuhteiden neuvostolla ja Pilgrim Societylla on joitakin mielenkiintoisia ja samanlaisia logoja. Molemmissa mies istuu hevosen selässä kohotetun käden kera. Molemmissa on tunnuslause alhaalla ja se on kirjoitettu latinaksi. Pilgrim Societyn tunnuslause tarkoittaa: "Täällä ja kaikkialla." Vapaamuurarien suurin filosofi Manly P. Hall selitti hevosten okkultistisen merkityksen. Hevonen on kuormajuhta joka edustaa ihmisen raskasta taivallusta kohti jumaluutta. Tämä pyhiinvaeltaja (pilgrim) eli ratsastaja ohjaa ihmisen jumaluuden etsintää. Kotka (Yhdysvallat) ja leijona (Britannia) kulkevat pyhiinvaeltajan mukana hänen pyhiinvaellusmatkallaan ohjatakseen ihmisen jumaluuden etsintää.


Tämä Pilgrim Society on yhteydessä Pyöreän Pöydän ryhmiin, CFR:ään sekä Rhodes Scholarsiin.


  • Charles F. Adams -- From old Satanic Adams family from colonial days, dir. of some Insurance Company, dir. Raytheon Co.
  • Charles Beatty Alexander -- Dir. Equitable Life Assurance, lawyer
  • Hulbert Stratton Aldrich -- Yale, trustee of Amer. Museum of Natural History (which loves to promote evolution), advisor to Chemical Bank
  • Winthrop W. Aldrich -- V.P. of Pilgrims, related to Rockefellers, Chase Manhattan Bank, award from Pope
  • Frank Altschul -- MJ-12, honorary secretary of CFR Hoyt Ammidon, rich, body of Perkin-Elmer, body of US Trust of NY, agent for the Astors
  • Ernest Angell -- Head of ACLU, family into Freemasonry
  • Walter H. Annenberg -- Ambassador to Great Britain, Triangle Broadcasting
  • John Jacob Astor 8th -- Into real estate agent William Waldorf Astor 3rd, Viscount, head of several manufacturing companies
  • Clement Attlee -- Prime Minister Great Britain
  • Willis Coburg Armstrong -- Ass. Sec. of State, Important to Committees on Foreign Relations the local side of CFR
  • Berhard Machold Auer -- V.P. of National Institute of Social Sciences
  • Julius S. Bache -- Founded Bache & Co.
  • George F. Baker, Jr. -- Billionaire
  • Ballentine -- Father of Arthur A.
  • Frederic H. Bandi -- Dir. Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd. of Canada
  • Arnald Barach -- Nat. pres. of Mental Health Association, dir. World Future Society, ex. editor of Changing Times, ex. council of Washington School of Psychiatry, pres. Dist. of Col. Mental Health Association
  • James W. Barco -- Head of Sp. Development Project at University of Virginia, U.N., Atlantic Council
  • Edward Ware Barrett -- Franklin Book Programs, controls DuPont journalism awards at Col. University, dir. of Atlantic Council, family into Freemasonry
  • Stewart Taft Beach
  • Elliot V. Bell -- Body NY Life Insurance Company
  • Robert W. Bingham -- Banker, pub., Ambassador to Great Britain. Son is a Bilderberger
  • Eugene Robert Black -- Head of World Bank, major financial part Warmer Comm., and head of Planned Parenthood/World Population
  • H. Lawrence Bogert -- Important in investment firm of Blyth, Eastman, Dillon & Co., director SCM Corp., director Getty Oil
  • Frederic H. Brandi -- Took TWA from Hughes, Hughes was later kidnapped by Onassis who secretly took control of his Casinos in NV
  • Alfred Brittain -- 3rd Yale grad., head of Bankers Trust, partic. in Harrimon Misson in London
  • Sir Harry Brittain -- One who helped Create the external front for the princes called the Pilgrim Society
  • Herbert Brownell -- Yale, U.S. Attorney General, U.S. representative to the International Court at the Hague, Netherlands
  • David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce -- CFR, Bilderberg, V.P. of Pilgrims, banking, OSS, married ti Paul Mellon's sister
  • James Bruce -- 32nd Mason, CFR, Avco Corporation, National Park Bank, Chase National Bank, S. Klein Department Stores, Kraft Foods
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski -- MJ-12, U.S. National Security Council, director CFR, director TC, Bilderberg, NY Century Association
  • Hugh Bullock -- President of Pilgrims of U.S., president National Institute of Social Sciences, chairman Calvin-Bullock, Ltd., president Can. Fund., CFR, Episco., English Speaking Union
  • Ellsworth Bunker -- Ambassador to numerous countries incl. Vietnam during the crucial years, OAS
  • C. Sterling Bunnell -- Member Winthrop Trust Association, Kingsley Trust Association, chairman credit policy committee of First National Bank, NY, CFR
  • Edwin S. Burdell -- Sears-Roebuck
  • William Armistead Moale Burden -- chairman Metropolitan Museum of Art, Vanderbilt relative
  • Arthur Frank Burns -- Trustee of Carnegie Institute, chairman Federal Reserve, member Lucis Trust
  • Coleman Burke -- Chairman executive committee of American Bible Society, chairman Christian Herald Magazine, lawyer, dir. of LFE Corp.
  • George Bush -- MJ-12, Skull & Bones, 33rd Mason, Banking, CIA director, Oil, part of Eli Lilly
  • James Francis Calvert -- Head Combustion Engineering
  • Willaim D. Campbell -- High positions of control Boy Scouts of America
  • Carl Carmer -- Author of horror novels
  • John M. Cates, Jr. -- Mason, ex. committee of Wolf's Head, president of Centre for Inter-American Relations (a Rockefeller front), important in start of OAS, one of heads of international Boy Scouts
  • George Catlin -- Executive Comm. member of the Fabian Society, advisor to Labor Party leaders, co-authored book with H.G. Wells
  • Thomas Chamberlain -- Mason, controls Mason Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twains) estate
  • George Champion -- Head of Economic Development Council of NY, chairman Chase Manhattan Bank
  • G. Russell Clark -- Owner Clark & Company, worked with P. Bradley Clark
  • P. Bradley Clark -- Owner Clark Co., through the Haiti-West Indies Corporation, the International Sisal Corp. and other companies of the Clarks they control large parts of Haiti. On the religious side, Haiti is controlled by Voodoo Satanism, which has spread to Louisiana, the Carribbean, and NY City. Clark & Co. is located on 100 Wall Street, NY
  • Robert Edwin Clark -- Chairman Investment Co. Committee of Invest. Bankers Assoc., director Bullock Fund, OSS
  • Charles P. Coleman -- Director R.J. Reynolds Industries
  • John T. Connor -- CFR, vice president of Conference Board, Secretary of Commerce, body Chase Manhattan, body General Motors
  • Norman Cousins -- Chief leader of secret annual Dartmouth Conference between Russian leaders & U.S. Illuminati members which are held in either country well guarded by armed guards
  • Gardiner Cowles -- Cowles Commission, which is principle owner of NY Times
  • Cowlese
  • Robert H. Craft -- Director St. Louis Union Trust Company
  • Lou R. Crandall -- Sears-Roebuck, director J. Burns International Detective Agency, director Harlem Saving Bank
  • Joseph Cullman III -- Part of Smithsonian Institute leadership, director of Bankers Trust of NY, head Philip Morris Company, director of Banker's Trust of NY which likes pyramids
  • James Henry Darlington -- 33rd Mason, Epis. Bishop, negotiated concordant between West. and East Catholic churches, ecumenicalist
  • Darlington -- Several of this family are Pilgrims
  • Norris Darrell -- Body member Sullivan, Cromwell & Partner, member House of Del. of Amer. Bar Ass.
  • Arthur Hobson Dean -- Numerous UN positions, director American Bank Note Company, Netharlands-America Foundation
  • Clarence Dillon -- Head Dillon, Reed & Company, created National Cash Register Company
  • C. Douglas Dillon -- Head Dillon, Reed Company, ambassador to France, Sec. of Treasury, his daughter is Princess of Luxemburg
  • J. Richardson Dilworth -- Body Chase Manhattan & controls Carnegie foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, manages Rockefellers money, Skull & Bones, also with Kuhn Loeb & Company
  • Jeane Dixon -- Works with Illuminati princes, religious writer, funneled Illuminati money to Billy Graham
  • Hedley Donovan -- Editor in chief of Time Incorporated, produver of Time Magazine, director CFR
  • Donald Wills Douglas -- Began McDonnell-Douglas aircraft corporation
  • William H. Draper, Jr. -- Society of American Magicians & Executive of UN, V.P. of Planned Parenthood Foundation
  • John R. Drexel III -- Rich family intermarried with other superrich Illuminati families such as the Dukes & Goulds
  • Angier Biddle Duke -- Very rich, ambassator to Spain, CFR, primary benefactor Duke University, sizable holdings in AT&T
  • Allen Dulles -- MJ-12, CIA, family was important in Freemasonry
  • John Foster Dulles -- Brother of Allen, Secretary of State, MJ-12, World Council of Churches
  • Harry E. Ekblom -- Chairman European-American Banking Corporation
  • Dwight Eisenhower -- Jewish bloodline, father JW elder, brothers Freemasons, Pres. U.S.
  • William M. Ellinghaus -- Russell Sage Trustee, chairman NY Regional Planning Association, Gov. American National Red Cross
  • James H. Evans -- Md. the Colgate Palmolive fortune, director of Bristol Myers, AT&T, co. merged w/ Dun & Bradstreet, head Union Pacific & Seaman's Bank, trustee Rockefeller Bros. Funf
  • Peter Falk -- Actor of "Columbo" (too bad, he is a great actor)
  • Charles Farnum -- Trustee Institute of Man & Science promoting evolution
  • Sir Eric Faulkner -- Chairman Lloyd's Bank
  • Henry J. Fisher -- Body chairman of Popular Science, head of McCall Corporation
  • Malcolm S. Forbes -- Owner of Forbes magazine, which distorts the reporting on the super-rich, grossly underestimating their wealth, dir. of National War College, National Aeronautical Association.
  • William Ward Foshay -- Head executive comm. of Sullivan & Cromwell (the most powerful law firm in the world), dir. of Russell, Burdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Company, body of Marine Midland Banks of NY
  • George S. Franklin, Jr. -- Secretary of T.C.
  • G. Keith Funston -- President NY Stock Exchange, body IBM, body Metropolitan Life
  • John W. Gardner -- Head of Common Cause, trustee Rockefeller Bros. Fund, author
  • Thomas S. Gates, Jr. -- INA Dir., Ambassator to Red China, body of J.P. Morgan & Company
  • Charles J. Gilbert -- Controls several Mutual Funds, trustee Carnegie Institute
  • Arthur L. Goodhart -- Chairman International Law Association, editor Cambridge Law Quaterly Review
  • Albert H. Gordon -- Catholic, CFR, head Kidder, Peabody & Co.
  • Bruce Gould
  • Samuel Brooker Gould -- Director Amer. Council on Education at DuPont Circle, family into Freemasonry, trustee Teachers Insurance & Annuity Associatoon, trustee NY Historical Association, national Comm. People's Fund for Support of the U.N.
  • Louis M. Hacker -- Member Mt. Pelerin Society, director Amer. Association for Middle East Studies
  • William Walsh Hagerty -- President Drexel University, national council Boy Scouts of America, director of banks
  • Stephen S. Halsey -- Director NY Convention Visitors Bureau, v. chairman NY Chamber of Commerce, v. chairman Museum of Natural History
  • Viscount Harcourt -- Director Alcan Aluminium
  • George Harrar -- President of the Rockefeller archives
  • Joseph Harsh -- Editor of Christian Science Monitor, CFR
  • Huntington Hartford -- Actual controller of U.S. People for U.N., Oil Shale Corp.
  • Frederick E. Hasler -- Executive Bank of America
  • Caryl P. Haskins -- MJ-12, director DuPont, CRF, Yale, Bilderberg, trustee Smithsonian Institute, Haskins Laboratories
  • Gabriel Hauge -- CFR treasurer, head of Manufacturers Hanover Bank of NY, leader in Religion in Amer. Life
  • Alfred Hayes -- Rhodes Scholar, Yale, head Federal Reserve Bank of NY, CFR, Canadian Soc. member, director National Distillers & Chemical Corporation
  • William Randolph Hearst, Jr. -- Body of 20th Century Fox, head largest newspaper chain, started 33rd Mason Billy Graham out by funding first few years of his crusade ministry
  • August Heckscher -- Head of ACLU
  • Henry Heinz II -- Bilderberg
  • Harold H. Helm -- Admissions Chairman of Pilgrims, frd. of Bilderberger Gerald Ford
  • James M. Hester, Jr. -- Head NYU, head of U.N. University
  • James Tomlinson Hill, Jr. -- Assoc. with William A.M. Burden & Co.
  • John Alexander Hill -- Member National Association of Episcopal Colleges, body Toledo Ohio Trust Co., body Sherwin-Wiliams Co.
  • Ethan Allen Hitchcock -- Chairman Educational Broadcasting Corp., family into Freemasonry
  • William Maxwell Hitzig -- Chief physician NY Police
  • William P. Hoar
  • Walter Hopper -- Member U.N. Assoc., trustee Institute of Man & Science promoting evolution
  • Amory Houghton, Sr. -- Ambassador to France, chairman France-American Society, War Production Body 1942, executive body Boy Scouts of America
  • Amory Houghton, Jr. -- Chairman Corning Glass Works, body director NY Tel. Company
  • Walter Hoving -- Chairman of Tiffany, Tiffany makes jewelry for the Skull & Bones Order, gave a "home for youth" David Wilkerson Evangelist Association
  • Jack Howard -- Director American Newspapers Publishing Association & Scripps-Howard Newspaper chain, father Roy W. Howard 33rd Mason
  • John I. Howell -- Yale, CFR, Schroder dir. (German bank)
  • Cordell Hull -- Secretary of State, CFR, involved with writing Federal Income Tax Bill, father of the U.N.
  • Joseph Harrison Humphries -- Trustee of Queens Co. NY Savings Bank, director of Bullock Fund, director Can. Fund
  • Philip Ives -- Knight of St. John, Yale, Episcopalian, religious architect
  • John Kenneth Jamieson -- Body member Exxon Corporation, International Nickel Corporation, Chase Manhattan Bank, and others
  • Jacob K. Javits -- Jewish, CFR, Bilderberg, del. to U.N., nephew Eric M. Javits also very prominent
  • George P. Jenkins -- Body chairman Metropolitan Life Insurance, director Bethlehem Steel, director American Broadcasting Companies
  • Philip C. Jessup -- CFR
  • Joseph Esrey Johnson -- MJ-12, editor book "Unofficial Diplomats" on Dartmouth Conference, CFR, Bilderberg
  • Lyndon B. Johnson -- Mason, Pres. of U.S.
  • Berwind P. Kaufmann -- Studies evolution, Long Island Biological Association
  • John R. Kimberly -- Kimberly-Clark Corp.
  • Donald P. Kircher -- Director of Singer Company, trustee of Clark Foundation, director Lehman Corp., director Morgan Guaranty Trust
  • Grayson Kirk -- CFR, vice-chairman, vice-president of Pilgrims, president Columbia University, trustee Asia Foundation
  • Henry Kissinger -- Secretary of State, National Security head, Jewish blood, member Lucis Trust
  • Philip M. Kluznick -- Head of several Jewish groups, proxy for Rothschilds, gov. of U.N. Association, chairman World Jewish Congress, member national council Boy Scouts of America
  • Robert H. Knight -- Head Fed. Reserve Bank of NY, heir to the Whitney fortune
  • Alvin W. Krech -- Head Equitable Trust Company, and director of dozens of corporations (about 40), helped communists financially
  • ALfred Gustov Etienne De Liagre, Jr. -- Yale, admission body SAlvation ARmy, produced play "The Druid Circle"
  • Gordon Lamont -- Director International Dairy Society, chairman Beryllium Corporation
  • Thomas S. Lamont -- Partner J.P. Morgan & Co., brother was important American communist
  • William LaPorte -- Chairman American Home Products, which produces Bach's Candy. Bach's Candy promotes Halloween. Body Hannover Trust
  • R. Heath Larry -- President of National Association of Manufacturers, NY CFR, director Foreign Policy Association, director Textron group of corp.
  • T. Vincebt Learson -- Body Caterpillar Tractor Company, body Exxon, body IMB, body Chemical Bank of NY
  • Martin Leboutillier -- Investment firm Paine, Weber, Jackson & Curtis
  • Russell Leffingwell -- CFR chairman
  • Barry T. Leithead -- Trustee St. Lawrence University, director B.F. Goodrich, director Kraftco, director TWA
  • John E. Leslie -- Head Bache Halsey Stuart & Co., CFR, Newcomen Society, director France-America SOciety
  • Henry D. Lindsley -- Mayor of Dallas 1913-1917, head American Legion, director Omega Fund
  • John Loeb, Jr. -- Father is CFR & director of Chase Manhattan
  • Henry Luce -- Skull & Bones, Times Magazine founder, professor MIT, director Eli Lilly
  • Henry Luce III -- Yale, United Board of Christian Education, Princeton Theological Seminary, United Presbyterian. Body of Christian Ed. in Asia
  • Malcolm MacIntyre -- Director of 20th Century Fox which produces demonic films
  • John D. Macomber -- Yale, head of Celanese Corporation, director Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Robert A. Magowan -- Body Del Monte, Episcopalian, chairman ex. comm. of Safeway Stores Incorporated
  • Theodore Marburg -- Head of League of Nations, & fd. of Andrew Carnegie
  • George C. Marshall -- Secretary of State, Army General, Marshall Plan named after him
  • Alastair Bradley Martin -- Part of rich Phipps family, radio chain executive, director Phipps Guest Agency, Phipps are intermarried with the Grace family of the Holy Grail lineage
  • William McChesney Martin, Jr. -- Yale, hd. of Federal Reserve, CFR, Carnegie Institute trustee, director Eli Lilly, President Soviet Protocol Comm., father high-ranking Mason, advisor to Riggs National Bank
  • Murray (Walter) Sands Marvin
  • Birney Mason, Jr. -- National Safety Council, Metropolitan Life, Union Carbide
  • John Anton Mayer -- Body of General Motors, director Mellen Bank
  • Howard W. McCall, Jr. -- Advisor Chemical Bank of NY, dir. Massachusetts Mutual Income Investors, Mutual Life Insurance Company, dir. Texaco
  • Thomas McCance -- Wolf's Head, partner of Brown Brothers-Harriman, trustee of foreign parishes of Episcopal Church
  • John Jay McCloy -- Head of World Bank, chairman of Chase Manhattan, Atlantic Institute chairman
  • Samuel W. Meek -- Episcopal Church Foundation
  • Andrew Mellon -- Secretary of Treasury, ambassador to Gr. Britain, multi-billionaire, headed or sat on 51 corporation boards, and had voting stock in over 300 corporations, chairman Federal Reserve
  • Paul Mellon -- OSS, controls National Gallery of Art, owns Gulf Oil, Scroll & Key, family important Masons
  • Clarence F. Michalis -- Seaman's Church Institute of NY (channel of Illuminati control over Protestant religions), Brystol-Myers
  • Samuel R. Milbank -- Head of Rosario Resources Corp.
  • Joseph Irwin Miller -- Associated with people involved w/ Club of Rome, head Cummins Engine Company, CFR, Bilderberg, trustee Ford Foundation, pres. National Council of Churches from 1960-1963, body member AT&T
  • William C. Miller
  • Henry A. Moe -- Head of Guggenheim Foundation, director of Assoc. Amer. Rhodes Scholars, CFR, trustee of Pilgrim's secretly affiliated kindergarten theAmerican Academy in Rome, Italy
  • Goerge S. Moore -- Senior partnet White, Weld & Company, body of Olympic Airways, body United States Steel Corp.
  • Maurice T. Moore -- Married into Luce family which helps control Time Corporation
  • Henry S. Morgan -- Runs father J.P. Morgan's firm, married to Adams family
  • Howard J. Morgens -- Trustee American Museum of Natural History, NY (foremost promoter of evolution theory in America)
  • Grinnell Morris -- CFR, Yale grad., married into Kellogg fortune, body Amer. Gen. Insurance Group
  • William H. Morton -- Trustee A.W. Mellon Foundation, trustee Dartmouth College, director Singer Company, American Express, der. Rand McNally & Company, dir. Crocker Bank
  • Paul henry Mueller -- Head International Banking Corporation, chairman Credit Policy Comm. of Citigroup, dir. of Bank of Monrovia, Liberia, proxy for Marcus Wallenberg
  • Robert Murphy -- Bilderberg, head Corning Glass International, co-chairman of the radical National Conference of Christians and Jews, CFR
  • Robert Daniel Murphy -- Ambassador to Belgium & Japan, body Morgan Guarantee Trust, Bilderberg, CFR
  • Truman H. Newberry -- Yale grad.
  • George Sealy Newberry -- Yale, exec. of George F. Baker Trust
  • J. Wilson Newman -- Body Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company, body of Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.
  • Charles Walter Nichols, Jr. -- Service chairman of NYU, dir. Allied Chemical Corp., dir. Chemical Bank of NY, dir. Nichols Engineering and REsearch Corp.
  • Richard M. Nixon -- Honorary member of Pilgrims
  • Floyd Odlum -- Lifetime trustee of Lovelace Foundation
  • Robert S. Oelman -- Director of Ford Motor, director of Rockefeller affiliated First National Bank of NY
  • Alfred Ogden -- New York lawyer and Yale grad.
  • William S. Ogden -- The British-North American Comm. which is an instrument of the Illuminati
  • John Merrill Olin -- Mega-millionaire, head of Olin Corp.
  • Frank Pace, Jr. -- MJ-12, Secretary of Army, Time, Incorporated, dir. Putnam Trust Company, NATO, UN
  • Walter Hines Page -- Kennecott Board, chairman J.P. Morgan & Company
  • William Paley -- Owner of CBS & Columbia Records, radical views, married one of the Hearst daughters
  • Charles Coolidge Parlin -- Head World Methodist Council, Wall Street lawyer
  • Emil Pattberg, Jr. -- Trustee of NY Greenwich Savings Bank, dir. of Pitney-Bowes Company
  • Ellmore Clark Patterson -- Presided over CFR meeting on 1/9/74 & 10/22/71, head J.P. Morgan & Company, Canada Life Insurance
  • Norman Vincent Peale -- 33 deg. Mason, major Protestant leader, friends with Mormon prophets, president American Foundation for Religion and Psychiatry
  • David W. Peck -- Head American Arbitration Association, lawyer Sullivan & Cromwell
  • Howard C. Petterson -- Body member American Academy of Political and Social Science, trustee Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Charles Penrose, Jr. -- Head of Newcomen Society of North America
  • Richard S. Perkins -- Trustee of Vincent Astor Foundation, director Allied Chemical, dir. New Court Equity Fund (Rothschilds), dir. New York Life Insurance (Rockefellers), Carnegie Institution trustee
  • Clifton W. Phalen -- Body of Marine-Midland Bank, Carnegie Commission on Higher Education
  • Thomas William Phelps
  • Thomas L. Phillips -- Chairman Raytheon, publicly known as a born-again Christian
  • Francis Plimpton -- Head of Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association of NYH
  • Ladd Plumley -- Chairman State Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • Frederick W. Pratt -- Pratt family are billionaires
  • Lewis T. Preston -- Head of J.P. Morgan & Company with other Pilgrim Society members
  • Charles G. Proffitt -- Chairman Columbia University Press, Episc.
  • Henry A.J. Ralph -- Executive Bank of America. Amer-Asian Bank
  • Francis F. Randolph -- Treasurer of Russell Trust (Skull & Bones)
  • Ogden R. Reid -- Ambassador to Israel, Dem. representative from NY, dir. of Atlantic Council
  • Whitelaw Reid
  • William Shyryock Renchard -- U.S. rep. to UN, Chemical Bank chairman, International Banker, gov. of UN Assoc., assoc. w/ Lehman Brothers
  • Richard S. Reymolds, Jr. -- Head of Reynolds Metal Company & British Aluminium Ltd., Robetrshaw Controls Company, monopoly on car thermostats
  • Henry G. Riter -- Head of Copperweld
  • Earl Roberts -- Co-founder of Pilgrims
  • Robert A. Robinson -- Head of Episcopal Church Pension Fund
  • Avery Rockefeller
  • William Rockefeller -- Yale frat.
  • John A. Roosevelt -- Son of FRD, director Boy Scouts of America
  • Julian K. Roosevelt -- President American Historical Association, trustee N.Y. Museum
  • Elmo Roper -- Roper Public Opinion Research Center named after him
  • Dean Rusk -- Secretary of State
  • Lindsay Russell -- Co-founder of the Pilgrims. For some reason Illuminati at the turn of the century reconstituted the 6th deg. under the super secret cover name of the Pilgrims, legal counsel to Vanderbilts
  • Sir Francis Sandilands -- British-North American Committee
  • David Sarnoff -- V. pres. NBC, was head of RCA
  • Ralph S. Saul -- Chairman of INA Corp., with Mellon's 1st Boston Corp, director Fidelity Bank
  • Stuart Thomas Saunders -- Chairman of trustees Roanoke College, trustee Virginia Theological Seminary, head JFK Library, dir. Hotel Waldorf-Astoria
  • Peter F. Scott -- North American Committee
  • Glenn T. Seaborg -- Presided UN conference on Atomic Energy, Geneva 1971, dir. World Future Society, very important man
  • Earl of Selkirk -- British-North American Committee
  • David A. Shepherd -- CFR, head of Carnegie Corp. of NY, with several Rockefeller oil corporations
  • Lord Sherfield -- British-North American Committee
  • Grant G. Simmons, Jr. -- Head Simmons Co., body Boys Club of America, body Mutual Insurance Company
  • David S. Smith -- Ambassator to Sweden, CFR, Washington Institute for Foreign Affairs
  • Olcott D. Smith -- J.P. Morgan & Company, Yale
  • Emile Edmund Soubry -- Secret representative of Rockefellers in FPA & UNA
  • Monroe E. Spaght -- Body of Institute for International Education, body Royal Dutch Petrol
  • Elliot Bowman Staples -- USNA, Annapolis, Br. Comb. Naval Ops 1942-1943, Naval advisor UN, UN mil. Staff, dir. AID Malagasy 1960-1963
  • Norman Appleton Staples -- Banker, working for Chemical Bank in UN building, NYC, Order of the Bath, Merrill Lynch
  • Harold Stassen -- Helped in forming UN
  • James C. Stewart -- Architect of Utah St. capital building anf Pilgrim headquarters building in London of Savoy Hotel
  • Chauncey Devereaux Stillman -- Catholic, Privy-Chamberlain to Pope Paul VI
  • Ralph S. Stillman -- Family catholic, director Marine Midland Banks
  • James Graham Phelps Stokes -- Yale, origin of Phelps-Stokes Fund (important Illuminati fund), ex. comm. of Socialist Party, h.c. of Russian Information Bureau in US, American Historical Association, Episco.
  • Richard S. Storrs -- Director Mass. Mutual Income Investors, director Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co.
  • Jack I. Strauss -- Director American Arbitration Assoc., R.H. Macy & Company
  • Arthur Sulzberger, Sr. -- NY Times Publisher, this way the Illuminati control publicity about the NY Pilgrim Soc.
  • Stuart Symington -- Dem. senator from Missouri, head Emerson Electric Manuf.
  • William H. Taft -- President of US, his brother Horace was Skull & Bones
  • Phillips Talbot -- Ambassador to Greece, president of Asis Society, trustee of John D. Rockefeller 3rd Fund, Save the Children Federation
  • Maxwell D. Taylor -- Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, ambassador to South Vietnam 1964-1965
  • Myron C. Taylor -- Knights of Malta, Episco.
  • Walter Nelson Thayer -- Director Art in America Magazine, Yale grad., married to descendent of Illuminatus Horace Greeley
  • Lowell Thomas -- Mason, member English Speaking Union, President of the American Society for Psychical Research, major owner Cap. Cities Comm. which controls many TV stations
  • Charles C. Tillinghast, Jr. -- Trustee Midwest Research Institute & chairman TWA, chancellor Brown University
  • Edward Laroque Tinker -- Episc., agent Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, dir. Academy of Political Science, dir. IBM
  • Anthony Tuke -- Chairman Barclay's Bank
  • Gene Tunney -- Honoured dir. of Bank of Commerce, NY, Catholic
  • Sir Mark Turner -- British-North American Committee
  • Cyrus Vance -- Scroll & Key, Secretary of State, vice-chairman of World Rule
  • George R. Vila -- Director Institute for the Future, body Uniroyal, trustee Wesleyan University
  • Sir Siegmund Warburg -- Head S.G. Warburg & Company
  • Louis Bancel Warren -- Director Chrysler Corp., dir. American Ditchley Foundation which is a conduit for the Tavistock Institute, an Illuminati Institute which studies and implements mind control
  • Lew Wasserman -- Head of MCA which owns G.P. Putnam's Sons
  • Thomas J. Watson, Sr. -- Controlled IBM, regular CFR meetings are named after him
  • Thomas J. Watson, Jr. -- Multimillionaire of IBM, dir. of Geomet
  • Bethuel M. Webster -- Chairman Drug Abuse Council, dir. American Arbitration Association, dir. Institute for Philosophical Research, trustee Ford Foundation
  • Lowell P. Weicker, Sr. -- Various corporations
  • Medley Gordon Brittian Whelpley Possibly related to one of the founders of the Pilgrim Society
  • John Hay Whitney -- Vice president of Pilgrims, likes art and horror films, ambassador to Great Brit. 1956-1961, Scroll & Key, married Betsy Roosevelt, pres. John Hay Whitney Foundation, assoc. with actor Vincent Price
  • Albert H. Wiggin -- Head of Chase National Bank, director of 60+ corporations, body of Astor Safe Deposit Company, financial agent for Rockefellers also
  • Professor Carrol Louis Wilson -- Director CFR, director TC, MJ-12, Member NY Century Assoc., Bilderberg, member Cosmos Club, ex. comm. Club of Rome, front man for Rockefeller to the Club of Rome
  • Walter William Wilson -- Trustee of Lilly Endowment, Morgan, Stanley & Company, Knight of Malta
  • George D. Woods -- Head of World Bank, Mellon's 1st Boston Corp., trustee Kaiser Foundation
  • Henry M. Wriston
  • Walter B. Wriston -- Head of Rothschild's Citibank, Bilderberg, CFR, head First National Bank of NY


  • Malcolm Baldridge, Jr. -- CFR, Yale grad., chairman Scovill Manufacturing Company, dir. AMF Incorporated, Bendix Corporation, Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance
  • William O. Baker -- Vice-chairman Rockefeller Foundation, trustee Carnegie-Mellon University, trustee Princeton, trustee Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, president of Bell Telephone Laboratories
  • Perry Richardson Bass -- Yale, president of Bass Brother's Enterprises, Incorporated & Telecastors, Inc.
  • Allan R. Booth -- Head of WCC
  • William P. Bundy --Editor od CFR's Foreign Affairs, member steering committee Bilderberg, CIA
  • William Sloane Coffin -- CIA, Skull & Bones, senior minister Riverside Church, chaplain at Yale
  • John A. Coleman -- "the Pope of Wall Street", president of Order of Malta
  • Charles Colson -- Christian writer. This suspicion is based on projects he is carrying out for the Illuminati, that he associates closely with Illuminati involving mind-control testing in the prisons and such as his working closely with Illuminatus Thomas L. Phillips after coming to Christ, and his close position with these men before his conversion. But he writes good books!
  • Gordon Dean -- MJ-12
  • Charles D. Dickey, Jr. -- Chairman Scott Paper Company, dir. General Electric, dir. J.P. Morgan
  • Myron DuBain -- Vice-chairman American Express, dir. of CIA-linked United Calif. Bank
  • Ulric St. Clair Haynes, Jr. -- CFR, Yale grad. NY State Dept. of Commerce, believed to be member of one Yale's Illuminati Secret Societies, Ambassador to Algeria
  • Robert l. Hoguet -- Dir. Phoenix Assurance Company, Catholic, CFR
  • Thomas L. Hurges -- Rhodes Scholar, Yale, CFR, TC, German Marshall Fund, UN assoc., gov. Ditchley Foundation, president & trustee Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and many other important positions
  • David M. Kennedy -- Bilderberg
  • Alexander King -- Scientific dir. OECD, Paris
  • George C. McGee -- CFR, Rhodes Scholar, BIlderberg, Episco. dir. Aspen Institute, chairman English Speaking Union, Popul. Crisis Comm.
  • Robert Strange McNamara -- Bilderberg, CFR, head International Bank for Reconstruction, Secretary of Defence, Ford Motor Company
  • Saburo Okita -- Jap. Economy Research Center
  • Sir Duncan Oppenheim -- UK, Bilderberg
  • James A. Perkins -- MJ-12
  • Eduard Pestel -- Technical University of Hannover, Ger.
  • Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. -- Director General Motors, dir. International Paper Company, dir. Chase Manhattan Bank
  • John J. Raskob -- Chairman General Motors, Knights of Malta
  • Oscar M. Ruebhausen -- Yale, CFR, dir. National Starch & Chemical Corp., dir. Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of US
  • Robert Schuler -- 33rd deg. Mason leading Protestant minister
  • William W. Scranton -- Ex-comm. TC, US ambassador to UN
  • Arthur R. Taylor -- Steering Committee Bilderberg, president of CBS, trustee Bucknell and Brown Universities
  • Hugo Thiemann -- Battelle Inst. Geneva

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